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Aspirin to cut Cancer risk

A new British study, of almost 1,000 people, has shown that regular Aspirin intake can potentially

HALF hereditary cancer risks.

The decade long study conducted at Queens’s University, involving 16 countries and scientists/clinicians from 43 centres was funded by Cancer Research UK. It concluded that those with family history of cancer can benefit from regular intakes of 2 Aspirin a day (300 mg twice a day).

The study followed patients over taking 600 mg Aspirin over 2 years, and observed no immediate effect relating to cancer benefits. However a follow up 5 years later showed a significant difference – a reduction of 63% in new cancer developments compared to the Placebo group.

Many doctors already recommend Aspirin as insurance for heart disease with up to a million already take a low-dose aspirin to prevent heart disease, and are set to benefit from its new found anti-cancer properties as well.

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