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Back to School


Whilst stocking up on folders, pens new lunch boxes and school shoes don’t forget their supplements. Start by strengthening their immune systems with black elderberry, and help to strengthen their brains with fish oil. Get them into the routine of taking the supplements and kick start their minds ready for school.

It has been seen that after the holidays kids often have a somewhat weakened immune system not quite ready for the bugs they will be reintroduced to. Kids are often susceptible to coughs and colds. The next thing you know, your child is home from school sniffling, with a fever and maybe even vomiting. This makes your child miserable, the teacher unhappy, your boss disappointed and you frustrated.


So what considerations can parents put into place?

Daily diets should be balanced and nutritious. It is all too common to see children consuming less than their recommended 5 a day and instead opting for less than healthy snacks such as crisps and chocolate over a fruit or yoghurt for example.


It is vital children get a good breakfast to provide them with the energy they’ll need to get them through the day. Often sugary cereals can give them a temporary sugar rush which is less than ideal for kids. Instead opt for a more whole-wheat based cereal to provide long lasting energy.

Lunches should equally be as well balanced with a fair share of fruit and veg… carrot sticks and hummus can be an alternative to crisps or chocolate bars and are often received well in children.

Supplementing children with fish oil to help with their brain development is always beneficial as it can be quite difficult to feed children the fatty fish they need. Mackerel, anchovies and sardines aren’t at the top of most children’s favourite foods that I am aware of!Yoghurt’s are also a good idea as the calcium for the growing bones and the probiotics for their gut will also keep help them fighting fit.


Top Supplements for Kids!

Fish Oil is vital for children and their growing minds. DHA has been widely reported and researched for its role in brain development. Other studies have also showed how it can help with behaviour and hyperactivity in children.

Black Elderberry is also a nutritious and good tasting supplement that can help maintain their immune system and fight off the bugs that are often passed around the classroom.




Probiotics show ‘Exceptional Potential’ for IBS patients

Probiotics is a trendy supplement that boasts a multitude of health benefits from flat stomachs to helping combating diarrhoea. But there is also the serious health benefits associated, namely for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gut related ailments.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a mixture of abdominal symptoms for which there’s no apparent cause. It’s the most common condition seen by gastroenterologists, and some estimates suggest that as many as one in five adults in the UK have IBS at any one time.

Gut Health


A Double Blind 3-month study conducted by King’s College using Probiotic supplement on 186 IBS patients showed ‘exceptional potential’ as quoted by lead researcher, consultant gastroenterologist Prof Ingvar Bjarnason, for addressing digestive problems. The full scientific paper and results are due to be presented at international congresses starting in May 2012.

This particular study is considered to be more robust than other Probiotics studies in IBS. It involved Rome III classified IBS patients who failed first and second line treatments and whose symptoms were severe enough for GP referral.

Probiotics are facing a hard time for the Claims they can make on pack and on company websites, however you can agree that these results speak for themselves.